Richard is a lovely dog to have around, he loves affection and will happily be by your side, quietly sitting close by while you do bits and bobs. He is still young so would benefit from somebody who has the patience and strong will to train him further as he can get very excited about attention sometimes! In saying that he is very attentive and eager to please so training will not be a difficult task, he just needs some guidance to control his enthusiasm. He has mastered ‘sit’ and ‘down’ and is toilet trained.

Richard would enjoy an active lifestyle that included a daily walk, but also some cuddles at the end of the day. He has interacted well with his foster sister Saskia and is very patient with her even though he is a much bigger dog-I think he definitely has potential to live with an existing pet. I know Richard will make someone very happy because he tries his best to do the right thing all the time! I hope he finds his forever home




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