Positions currently available:

  • Dog Walking    … please read ‘How To Apply’ below
  • Grooming         … please read ‘How to Apply’ below
  • Button Day Volunteers (Tin collectors & support) … please refer to Button Day Volunteering

Volunteers are an essential part of being able to achieve successful adoption outcomes for the dogs in our care. Volunteers provide the enrichment, stimulation and exercise our dogs need to remain healthy and happy whilst they wait for their permanent homes. We would love every dog to be washed and given a hair cut (as needed) prior to being desexed. To achieve this we welcome volunteer groomers to join our team.

How To Apply (Dog Walkers and Groomers):
To register your interest, please download a Volunteer Dog Walking Application Form from our website through the following link Volunteer Application Form and return the completed form to volunteering@thenulldhot.com.au or drop off at your closest Dogs’ Home.

As part of your Application, a copy of one of the following must be provided if you are 18 years of age or older;

  1. National Police Certificate  OR
  2. Working with Vulnerable People Registration

If you do not already have a National Police Certificate, upon receipt of your Application, we will email the appropriate form to you for completion and forwarding to Tasmania Police.  PLEASE NOTE; this is the only form that Tasmania Police will accept to attract the Volunteer rate of $5.  Please provide a copy of the returned Certificate or confirmation of your Working with Children Registration / Working with Vulnerable People (Children) Registration to volunteering@thenulldhot.com.au

When we have received both your Volunteer Application Form and a copy of either a National Police Certificate or Working with Vulnerable People (Children) /Working with Children Registration, we will email you an invitation to attend the next available Volunteer Induction.

General Requirements for Dog Walkers:

    • All dog walkers need to be physically capable to walk dogs in a controlled manner, be able to take direction from staff and commit regularly to the role and to the welfare of the dogs.
    • Current tetanus cover or willingness to get vaccinated before commencing.
    • Purchase/wear a Volunteer vest ($15) as a safety requirement. Vests are available to purchase at the time of your induction from Reception.

Dog Walking Hours
Dog walking volunteers are welcome to walk dogs between 9am and 3pm each day. Dog walking on Public Holidays to be during opening hours only.  Hours vary in each Home so please refer to the relevant Home.

 Age Requirements:

      • All dog walkers need to be physically capable to walk dogs in a controlled manner, be able to take direction from the staff and follow the required processes.
      • Children aged 13-15 years inclusive are able to attend the Volunteer Induction; however, a responsible adult must attend the Dog Walking Induction and every dog walking visit. As we have a number of strong dogs with many untrained on a lead plus unfenced dog walking tracks, responsible adult must be in control of the dogs at all times, with the 13-15 year old walking along side or walking the dog with a double lead. This is for the safety of the child and dog. Dog selection will be covered in the Induction session.
      • Children at least 16 years of age are able to attend the Dog Walking Induction and walk the dogs without the need for a responsible adult.

Volunteer Induction for Dog Walkers and Groomers:

To become a Volunteer, you will be required to attend a Volunteer Induction. There is no cost to attend.
      • Inductions in Hobart are usually held monthly on a Saturday or Sunday from 10am-1pm.
      • Inductions in Devonport & Burnie are scheduled on a monthly basis, alternating between the two NW Homes.
The Induction will include; Workplace Health and Safety, volunteer rights & responsibilities, putting on a harness properly, safe walking and dog handling, basic dog behaviour training, volunteer notice board and procedures. The Induction will include both theory and practical elements, including a walk along the main dog walking track. The tracks are located around the Homes in a rural /forest environment and as such there are uneven surfaces, dirt roads/paths, hills and at times slippery conditions when it’s been raining so a good level of fitness is required as well as sturdy walking shoes.
There is the option of walking along the visitor access road in Hobart & Devonport which is mainly flat however care is required when cars are passing. All dog walkers need to wear a high visibility vest as a safety requirement.


Nestle Purina Petcare are proud sponsors of the Animal Welfare League Australia, providing food and pet care support for dogs and cats in their care.

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