Canine Commendations

Canine Commendation Awards

There are three categories for these awards –

  • A dog who has demonstrated an act of great heroism, bravery or service.
  • A person who has performed an outstanding act of bravery or compassion for a dog.
  • An organisation or business that has demonstrated a special commitment to caring for dogs.

There is no closing date for nominations as nominations are considered upon receipt. Please email your nomination/s to

2015 Canine Commendation Awards

Anissa Gomann for her commitment to dogs who are in need by raising awareness and funds to support the work of animal welfare organisations in Tasmania.

2014 Canine Commendation Awards

Canine Saxon for his gentleness, empathy and tolerance which helps children and adults at The Childhood Foundation feel calm and loved.

Erin Kemp for her commitment and dedication to dogs in the community who are deaf.

2013 Canine Commendation Awards

These wonderful dogs were awarded a commendation –

Spot – for his brave actions in protecting a child family member from danger on the road

Wally – for his many years of dedicated service as a detector dog with Quarantine Tasmania

Bridie – for her dedication and loyal service to those who become lost in the community

Mollie – for her loyalty and vigilant action in alerting her guardian that the house was on fire

The person who performed an outstanding act of compassion for a dog –
Steve Hunter – for his compassion and vigilant action in bringing Salty back to life after being hit by a car

The business which demonstrated a special commitment to caring for dogs –

Kimberley’s Pet Taxi and Pet Services – for outstanding commitment to caring for dogs in need, especially dogs and other animals after wildfires in southern Tasmania in 2013.

Nestle Purina Petcare are proud sponsors of the Animal Welfare League Australia, providing food and pet care support for dogs and cats in their care.

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