Good Beginnings and Wonderful Outcomes

Good Beginnings and Happy Endings

Before arriving home with a newly adopted dog:

  • Check that your garden and yard are fully secure so that your new dog cannot escape
  • Check that the house will be quiet on arrival – it is traumatic enough without a crowd of new faces and lots of noise.
  • Children should be encouraged to be quiet and gentle

On arrival home

  • The dog should be given time alone to explore and accept the new home
  • Don’t smother your new dog with attention
  • For the dog’s security and confidence, he needs a space to call his own.
  • A bed in a draught free area, close to the family living area is ideal
  • To bond and develop a close relationship with your dog, have him/her around you
  • Show patience, affection and gentle firmness
  • Give praise not punishment.

Happy Endings

A Letter from Argie Cutherbertson, December 2011

Hi Guys!

Argie here, the Terrier cross from kennel 39. I left there early September and I just wanted to let you know how I was getting on…

I[‘ll tell you] about life down here at Saltwater River. It’s different, that’s for sure. Mum and her shift work, Dad being a fisherman, well, routine! That’s gone and out the window, half the time you don’t know whether you’re coming or going… We go on these totally wicked walks, I mean truly sick! It’s fun, none of this wussy stuff either, we go bush! No paths and neat driveways down here, it’s all sand and scrub. We usually end up on a beach somewhere, and that’s when the real fun starts. The lead gets unclipped and I go off! Wicked!

First thing to do is clear the beach of all those damn birds! …two sweeps and the whole lot are aloft in half the time of a scrambled fighter squadron and the swarm is thick enough to block the sun – so now there’s room to play.

Dad wants to change my name but who the hell is Midge Farrelly anyway?

I haven’t told you about Gus yet. He’s sort of a cousin once removed or something – gees you humans are picky about relationships! What a lay[ed] back dude! Nothin’ I do upsets him. Jump on him, take his ball, eat his food, steal his chair – all he does is move away muttering “Whatever man – stay loose”.

We’ve got this other cousin that calls in occasionally too – snotty little kid that he is, you know the sort, pure white, neatly trimmed furball about half the size of a decent cat. Anyway he struts round all puffed up…we coax him into a game of tag, run him around the yard a few times then shortcut through the pool – it’s over his depth! – falls for [it] every time – it’s so fun! Then me and Gus roll him round in the garden bed a bit, once more through the pond and send him home looking and smelling like a real dog!

Once again, thanks for being such a great bunch of people and for all the work that you do, I wish you all the very best for a safe and happy Christmas, please say hello to all my friends.

Argie. (Excerpt from letter emailed December 21st 2011).

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