Wish List

Hi friends of the Dogs’ Homes,

We love donations and the dogs will always need your support which we appreciate and value.

There are some donations we always need or need only on special occasions and some items unfortunately we just can’t use.

We welcome donations such as polar fleece blankets, towels, toys, treats and items that we ask for from time to time such as sheets of colourbond.

Polar fleece is easy to wash and quick to dry and our pens are heated.

Doonas, quilts, wool blankets, sheets, pillowcases etc. would be most welcome by other charities such as City Mission, Salvation Army or the Winter Blanket Appeal where they are truly needed.

If you aren’t quite sure about a donation item, please call us or message us –  Contact Details

Please don’t be offended if we turn down your donation, but sometimes items can be better used by others.

Much needed items include:

  • Travel crates (particularly medium to large sizes) – used in our Foster Care program and to transport dogs interstate when needed.
  • Enrichment items such as Wobblers, ‘Slow Feeder’/Puzzle food bowls, Kongs and Aussie Dog Home Alone
  • Dog treats
  • Puppy/Adult canned food
  • Metal Pooper Scoopers
  • Trampoline Beds
  • 1.8m Leads
  • Front Connect Harnesses
  • Adaptil-Collars and spray

We are unable to accept the following items:

  • Broken soiled items, e.g. dog beds
  • Pillows/Cushions or clothing
  • Doonas/Filled bedding, sleeping beds or bean bags
  • Sheets, pillow cases, tea towels, face washers, wool/cotton blankets
  • Open medication.

Items can be dropped in to any of our four Homes in Burnie, Devonport, Launceston or Hobart. If you have other items you think may be useful, please don’t hesitate to email clo@thenulldhot.com.au

We sincerely thank you for taking the time to read our wish list.

Nestle Purina Petcare are proud sponsors of the Animal Welfare League Australia, providing food and pet care support for dogs and cats in their care.

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