The Tasmanian Canine Defence League Inc. (TCDL) Board

The 69th Annual General Meeting was held on Tuesday 22nd October 2019.  Board Directors are voted in at the AGM and support the Dogs’ Homes of Tasmania in a voluntary capacity.

Board Director introductions below:

Carol Hughes – President 

Carol has over 25 years’ experience as a legal practitioner in private practice, and has held senior management positions in both the State and Commonwealth Public Service.  She has served on a number of professional and community Boards including Hydro Tasmania, Colony 47, Hobart Women’s Health Centre and Terrapin Puppet Theatre.  Carol joined the Board of the Dogs’ Homes of Tasmania in 2014 and has served as Chair of the Governance, Sustainability and Risk Subcommittee since that time, and as President since October 2015.

Carol has a strong commitment to social justice, and firmly believes in the need to advocate for those unable to speak for themselves.  She acknowledges that promoting and protecting the welfare of animals is as important as protecting the basic rights of human beings who are vulnerable and without a voice.

Carol has adopted dogs from the Dogs’ Homes of Tasmania since moving from Sydney in 1979, and is currently “owned” by three gorgeous girls!


Denise Bower –  Vice President 

Denise’s love of dogs was first evident when she stated that she wanted to buy a Dogs’ Home at the age of five. As the Dogs’ Homes of Tasmania had already been established in 1955, it was only a matter of her waiting to grow up and to work for them. During her 40 years on the Board, Denise has held the positions of Secretary, Treasurer and Vice President. She is involved in producing the Dogs’ Homes Calendars, Christmas Card Appeals, Annual Button Day and Canine Commendation Awards. Denise has also been involved with other welfare organisation over time.

Dogs being adopted into caring new homes for their life time is a constant source of joy for Denise and her adopted Chrysta from Devonport Dogs’ Home is bringing most joy of all!


David Jackson – Director 

David has worked in the private sector as an accountant since 1997. During his career he has held senior management roles and worked in the construction, retail and financial services industries.

David has completed a Diploma of Management, a Bachelor of Commerce Degree at the University of Tasmania and has been a Member of the Australian Society of Certified Practising Accountants since 2001.

David joined the Dogs’ Homes of Tasmania Board in 2004. During his time with the Board he has held the roles of Secretary and Treasurer. Over the years David has provided a home for three prior residents of the Dogs’ Homes of Tasmania.


Trish Brown – Director and Treasurer

Trish Brown has had a 30 year career in the public and private sectors in Tasmania, Melbourne and UK. She has worked as a senior manager at organisations including Australia Post, the Tasmanian Government, the Auditor-General’s Office of Victoria and the National Audit Office of the United Kingdom. She currently works as a freelance business consultant. 

Dogs have always been part of Trish’s family, and she believes that every dog deserves a safe, caring home. 

In her spare time, Trish is a volunteer instructor with the Hobart Dog Training Club, where she works to help people build a happy, positive relationship with their dog, and to prevent the kinds of problems that can cause dogs to be surrendered to the Dogs’ Home.  Trish also takes the club’s Nosework classes, teaching people to work as a team with their dog in the sport of scent detection. Trish is pictured above with her two beautiful fur family members.


Megan Alessandrini – Director and Director, AWLA

Megan Alessandrini

Megan and her family have adopted Dogs’ Homes of Tasmania dogs all her life, and she has been on the Board for more than ten years. She is a senior lecturer at the University of Tasmania in politics and policy where she teaches and researches, and prior to that worked as a policy adviser in the Commonwealth Public Service.  

In the past, Megan has been a vice president and has performed secretarial duties for the Dogs’ Homes.  She is regular volunteer at the Clarence Dogs Day Out, spreading the Dogs’ Homes of Tasmania message, and sharing cuddles with dogs adopted from the home. For many years Megan was a volunteer dog walker but recently has not been able to do this. Megan recently adopted a 5 year old Spaniel x, Jock,  from the Dogs’ Homes who is bringing great joy to Megan and her family.

She is the Board delegate to the national group, Animal Welfare League Australia which has just one member organisation in each state and campaigns for companion animal welfare reform nationally through advocacy and special projects. 


Aaron McClurg – Director, Secretary and Public Officer

Aaron has over 15 years’ experience in the not for profit area working in Aged and Disability care including his current role as a Senior Manager. He has a Bachelor of Business with a major in Governance and Human Resources and has volunteered previously on the Rokeby Neighbourhood Centre Committee for 12 months.

Aaron has strong beliefs in the social benefits of having dogs as he sees the world as a much better place with dogs in people’s lives due to the joy that they bring. He also is passionate about promoting responsible dog ownership both within its home and when part of the community.

Aaron adopted his first Dogs’ Home dog in 2002 when he first arrived in Tasmania. He is the proud father of two human children and one furkid. 

Maxine Hindell – Director 

Maxine has loved and owned dogs all her life but her reactive rescue dog, Caspar, taught her the most, proving that the difficult dogs are the ones we learn from.  After working with positive trainers to help her own dog, Maxine started as a volunteer at the Hobart Home to use her skills with other dogs. 

Maxine is a founding member of the ‘Blue Team’ at Hobart, a group of volunteers who work with dogs that need extra help to prepare them for adoption. She is also a Foster Carer, caring for litters of puppies at home until they are old enough for desexing and adoption. Maxine also makes a big contribution to the Homes’ social media presence – she produces the bulk of the Homes’ adoption posts on Facebook and Instagram, helping our dogs get into the public eye and adopted as quickly as possible. 

Maxine has three adult children and two grandchildren. She recently retired after a career as a library technician, and will probably use her extra time working to help Dogs’ Home dogs.

The Board meets on the fourth (4th) Thursday of each month.


Michael Sertori – Chief Executive Officer and Director, AWLA


Michael was an Industrial Relations Consultant for some years assisting a number of not-for-profit organisations.

He has since held Chief Executive, Board and Ministerial Advisory roles within the health and disability sectors.

With a long history as a staunch advocate at a state national and international level,  Michael is very passionate about advancing animal welfare and is determined to work with all stakeholders to ensure every dog in Tasmania has a safe and caring home.

Away from work his temperamental cat may allow him to adopt a dog from the Dogs’ Home to join Michael on his regular nature walks.



The current Constitution can be downloaded from the following links

 TCDL Constitution -25 SEPTEMBER 2014




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