2019 Calendar Cover Winner

Congratulations to our Noble ‘Sir Galahad’ (formally Bentley) for being the Calendar competition winner for 2019 😊

His loving family Erica and Lilli had a fairy tail meeting with Sir Galahad, it was meant to be. In May 2015 we received a little 3-month-old American Stafforshire Bull Terrier X who had clear deformed front legs, both bowed, and he walked on his ankles. This boy was then given the name Bentley, no matter the deformity he still tried to run with other dogs and loved his life to the fullest. He went into our Foster Care program where he spent 5 months being rehabilitated and a clear improvement was seen. Erica and Lilli walked in at the right time as they wanted a dog to suit their family home and their other fur children. Their eyes fell on this handsome prince and the rest as they say is history. His ‘Pawsome’ family continue to this day to help his legs and he now stands tall and proud, they lived happily ever after 😊

Also we would like to send a heartfelt thank you to David and Leonnie Bishop for the beautiful water coloured portrait of Sir Galahad which was presented to his family 🙂

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