Sweet Yang. At only 10 months she has a variety of qualities and the one that stands out the most would be her affectionate side, she just loves people and is always up for cuddles i’m sure thinks that’s our job is to pat and cuddle her all day.  But she is learning this is not case and understands to wait her turn while we try to share it around with the other dogs she is in foster with.  Yang can be shy in some situations and will look for reassurance from you and after a few weeks in care she has made loads of progress and is becoming a lot more aware of how to handle new things that present themselves daily ie, new people, surroundings, other dogs.  Yang will need to be with a dog in her new home as this will give her continued guidance to grow and understand how to accept different situations on a daily basis.  She travels well in the car and looks forward to her walks, she does walk nicely on her outings and seems to meet most dogs okay  along the way (nervous,more meets the better she will become).  Yang is toilet trained and sleeps well through the night without fuss. being a pup she can still find things to chew if you give her the opportunity, so i would be giving her toys, and other things to entertain her throughout the day if she is going to be left alone for long periods of time.  Yang would prefer to have company, but is learning to be on her own for small amounts of time and this is gradually increasing this daily.

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