Shorty is a really loving and affectionate once he becomes comfortable with the person.  Absolutely loves a cuddle.  Shorty didn’t really have any concept of not jumping on the bed or couches but we have been teaching him only to jump up when invited.  He is a quick learner.  He likes going in the car, loves looking through the gap in the front seats.  Shorty has been sleeping on a bed on the floor in our bedroom.  We have also taken him to a friends house who has a dog, although he was wary of the dog at first, he quickly became more comfortable and was happy to be around the other dog.  As a whole, Shorty is quite timid and scared but adapts quite well.  He has come very far after only being with us a short time.  He doesn’t seem to have much experience walking on the lead but he doesn’t pull, he just runs into your legs a bit, but he is improving in this area.  He is very loving and will have a cuddle whenever you want.  He isn’t a chewer, he is scared of being left outside but is getting better, he responds well to training with treats.  He seemed to enjoy the beach the day we took him 🙂

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