Maple is a very sweet natured Heeler X who is approximately 2yrs old. She came to the Dogs Home as her living arrangements had changed, and her owners could unfortunately no longer keep her due to housing uncertainty.

The shock of her world being turned upside down and coming to the Home caused sweet Maple to become extremely timid, and begin to shut down. This caused concern for those trusted with her care, so Maple was transferred into Foster Care to make her journey easier.

The moment Maple entered the security of her Foster home and met her foster siblings she relaxed immediately, and began to open up to her new carers, showing her true side. Maple showed that she is an extremely gentle and loving girl, who has a very sweet and affectionate side. Maple is very bright, and was house trained within 2 days, and adapted to her new routine very swiftly.

Maple is a very gentle dog, and loves her housemates. She gets very excited when her foster carers come home and dances with glee! She walks on her lead very softly and doesn’t pull, as she prefers to stay near her people. Maple loves other dogs, she is people focused and loves treats, and has the ability to be trained as she listens very well. Maple has not been at all destructive in her foster home, she likes to chase balls but doesn’t quite know what to do with it once she has it, so she scurries off with her prize to chew on it, or gathers them on her bed like a Bower Bird.

Maple is content to lay down and relax in front of the heater, but will also be right by your side if you choose to do something, so she will slot into the routines of someones life perfectly. Maple has had some exposure to young children in foster care and was perfect, I suspect that she has grown up around a young family and is very respectful of children.

Maple currently lives with 3 doggy housemates ranging from an old dog aged 12 yrs to a young playful 3yr old, and loves their company. She respectfully engages in play with them all very well. Maple would love to be in a house where she has another doggy playmate, but I also suspect that she would be fine as an only dog if she has a loving owner willing to involve her into their life.

Maple is a very sweet girl who deserves a life of TLC.



Maple and her foster family

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