Coco is the sweetest, most Cheerful 8 month old in history.  She thrives on playtime attention.  She is full of beans and whilst she will play on her own she needs to be with another dog to keep her company.  Coco has progressed out of puppy nipping and is fully toilet trained which is something we are really proud of.  She loves belly rubs and snuggles and likes it best being close to you.  Coco isn’t a barker, she will get your attention to play with her but she doesn’t bark at visitor’s or the neighbor’s.  Coco is great with children but would knock over a smaller child (toddler) over with her excitement.  She is fabulous with other dogs and allows them to be top dog in the pack.  She is great at meal times and shares toys with her foster brother.  She requires a forever home who appreciates her playful nature and will be patient with her.  Your patience will be rewarded with abundance of love.  She truly is an amazingly sweet, beautiful girl.

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