Bosley.  Quirky,loving,energetic.  Bosley loves toys and enjoys playing with any he can get his paws on, he loves rope toys, squeeky toys, well any toys actually, he just loves them, he also loves the ball and will bring it back for you.  Walks nicely on the lead, but can pull sometimes, he will listen if you ask him to slow down.  He can be very excitable when he meets new people, but once he settles he is very responsive, he only takes a minute to settle.  Over friendly with children so we feel he needs to be in a home with older children, he does still have a few puppy/excitable traits like nipping and mouthing, you will need to work on this, his foster carer is and he is getting better with time.  Bosley is fine being left alone, aslong as he has his toys to occupy him,  he has never been destructive and is happy to sleep outside without any fuss . 

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