This gorgeous girl is just beautiful, Very much still a puppy with all the puppy traits to go with it, Extremely playful with all dogs of all sizes and is currently in foster care with a male dog, house trained and sleeps well in her bed at night.  Apache gets very excited when she see’s other dogs as she just can’t wait to meet them and have a play, once she is with the dog she is settles nicely, Apache can be strong on the lead when something gets her attention like another dog.  Apache needs to go with someone who has time to offer her in regards to training and general guidance, Apache initially doesn’t like to be left alone, however she is getting better with this as her foster carer has taught her with positive training that it’s okay to be left alone occasionally and having other dogs  for company has  really helped her, Apache is still young and is a super fast learner, with the security of love and trust she will be amazing as she matures.  She has an endless amount of love to give!!!  Apache can be excited on her car rides,in her world sitting on every seat is great but it’s not safe lol!! she loves adventures.  Apache is not a dog that just wants to sit alone in the backyard.

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