Abraham is a 10 Month old Medium sized Collie  He is a shy and timid dog whom with time and love is slowly coming out of his shell and gaining more confidence.  As his personality becomes more apparent we are learning he is a playful puppy who loves to play and chase his canine foster sister in the backyard and has just discovered his love of an ear scratch.  Most things are new to him and he would be best suited to a family with older children.  Abraham is a gentle dog, who with time and effort will be a rewarding and loving addition of any family.  He travels in the car but is scared, he really needs a quiter place to go on walks until he gets a little more confidence as to much noise around does frighten him, he is almost toilet trained, he likes to sleep inside. He has made such wonderful progress in foster care.  He does enjoy the company of another dog around, which we think he would like to have in his forever home, it will help him to continue to grow.

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