Lost and Found Dogs

If you lose your dog or if you find a dog, telephone the Dogs’ Home immediately and leave all the details about the dog with the receptionist.
This is a busy phone so please keep trying.

Hobart: Ph: (03) 6243 5177
Burnie: Ph: (03) 6431 6199
Devonport: Ph: (03) 6427 2178

The Hobart Dogs’ Home is the official pound for the Clarence, Glenorchy, Hobart and Brighton municipalities, the Burnie Dogs’ Home is the official pound for the Burnie, Waratah and Wynard councils, and the Devonport Dogs’ Home is the official pound for the Devonport, Latrobe and Kentish councils.

If your lost dog is not at the pound, phone every two days. Have a photo of your dog that you can leave at the Dogs’ Home to help with identification.

The Dog Control Act requires the owner of an impounded dog to pay a maintenance fee which covers the daily care of their pet whilst at the pound, a release fee and a registration fee if the dog is not currently registered.

If you have lost your dog, also contact the Animal Control Officer at your local Council, your local Vet, and the RSPCA.

Your dog may have been injured.
Help us to help you by having your pet registered, attaching the registration disc to your dog’s collar and by ensuring your dog is microchipped.

A dog not wearing a registration disc is held in the pound for 3 working days.
A registered dog is held for 5 working days. Micro-chipping is also available.
This provides permanent ID.

Most dogs not reclaimed by their owners are made available for adoption to new homes. Sadly, some dogs have to be euthanized as a result of their stress or trauma, poor health, or if exhibiting aggression towards people.

Information Sheet

Lost and Found Dogs

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